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Hello, I'm Caroline, British-born, Cambridge-educated, and have been working as a freelance translator for 6 years. After working in HR for 7 years in France and Britain, Human Resources is naturally one of my speciality fields, As the wife of a winemaker in the Jura, wine is another passion! I also regularly translate artists' presentations, game rules, and documents in the field of international development and tourism, working with agencies and private clients. But I'm always prepred to delve into a new subject!

Области знаний

  • Маркетинг и коммуникации
  • Гуманитарные и общественные науки
  • Предметы роскоши, гастрономия и туризм



Human Resources
International development
Game rules

BA Modern and Medieval Languages, French and German, Cambridge University, 2000
Masters 2 HR Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2001
MA (Cantab) 2003

Профессиональный опыт

7 years' working in HR in Britain and France
6 years' freelance translation